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Stefan Rogers
Photo:Inis Oirr Asano

Stefan Rogers is currently completing a Master’s Degree at the Royal Academy of Music, where he studies cello with Jo Cole. Stefan’s interests focus on discovering and performing works by forgotten composers as well as exploring ways in broadening audiences of classical music through his work with the Enys Chamber Music Festival. 

   In 2018 Stefan began studies at the Royal Northern College of Music (RNCM) where he studied with Nicholas Trygstad and became a member of the Franco-Mendes Quartet. With his Quartet, he competed as a finalist in the RNCM’s Nossek, Hirsch, and Weil chamber music prizes, and studied with the Elias Quartet, Chillingirian Quartet, and Gould Trio. In 2023 Stefan worked with Orla McGarrity and Ammal Bhatia to put on the Enys Chamber Music Festival. The Festival aims to create a strong sense of community for both musicians and audiences through intermate concerts in across local venues in south Cornwall. Following their success in 2023, Stefan is currently involved in organising the 2024 festival. 

   Alongside studying the cello, Stefan is a keen conductor and currently studies with Peter Stark. He has organised performances of Franz Schrecker’s Chamber Symphony, Brahms’ First Symphony and Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto with Xander Croft and has worked with students of the RNCM to make the first recording of an Orchestral Symphony by Nikolai Roslavets. Stefan wishes to use his conducting to explore and perform works by lesser-known composers. 

Stefan currently plays on a 2017 Cello by Robin Aitchison modelled of the Marquis de Corberon Stradivarius 

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